How to play Generals on CNC:Online (Revora)


To play online using Revora you simply have to download and install gentool in your game, and create an account in After that, you just open your game and login in the Multiplayer > Online menu in-game using the credentials in your cnc-online account.


As a general rule, make sure you are running the game as Administrator and comparability mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 3).

I get «Unable to connect to other players» error!

This is likely caused by a strict NAT or Firewall in your network. To fix this you can try port-forwarding or using a VPN, try to port forward first, if it doesn’t work, then try using a VPN. Check guides below.

I get «Could not connect to C&C Generals Zero Hour Online» error!

Check your options menu and make sure “Online IP” is set to your local IP. Local IP’s usually start with 192.168.x.x. If this doesn’t work it is likely that your ISP has blocked ports that are needed to play on C&C:Online, you can use a VPN to fix this. Check guide below.

Port Forwarding Guide for C&C:ONLINE

In contrary to popular beliefs, you do not need to port-forward ANY of the following ports:

If you have port forwarded any of these ports undo it now, some ports, specially port 80, are dangerous to port forward.

The only UDP port you need to forward is the one you set here, in the options menu:

You can use any port you want, as long as it’s not already being used by another device or application in your network. I personally use 27901.

How to port-forward

We now need to forward the port we just set in the options menu.

It is very easy to port forward using a UPnP port-mapping tool, you can download one below, you need java to run it. Don’t worry, I’ve been using it for a very long time and it’s virus free.

Some people get an error while trying to open this program, try to reinstall JAVA, if that doesn’t work, try to download other versions of the same tool in this link.

Port Mapper 2.0.0

4.41 MB 332 downloads

You can also use your router’s control panel to port-forward, check tutorials online for your router model as it is slightly different for each router.

After downloading the app, open it and click “Connect”, give it a minute, if it worked you will be able to see your External Address and Internal Address and that the connect button now changed to “Disconnect”. If it didn’t work and you received a message saying ‘cannot find router’ try this OR click “PortMapper Settings…” and select a different UPnP library from the first 3 available in the drop-down menu (not the “dummy” one!) then try to connect again (If none of the 3 libraries worked, it means that you can’t port forward using this method and will have to port forward in your router’s control panel, check tutorials online for your router model as it is slightly different for each router).

After successfully connecting click “Create”, enter any description you want, and make sure “Use local host” is ticked, then click “Add”, double click TCP and change to UDP and then set the External Port and Internal Port to the port you set in the game options menu, in my case it would be 27901. This is how it should look like:

Click “Save”, your preset should now be under “Port mapping presets”, select it and click “Use” the program should freeze for a few seconds, after that you should see in the “Log messages” that the port mapping was successful, your connection problem should now be fixed.

We are going to use Windscribe, download the app and create an account, after that, open the app and click the power button to turn the VPN ON. That’s it! Make sure you are using the VPN’s local IP and not your local IP in “Online IP:” in the game’s option menu. If you are not sure, just restart Zero Hour while windscribe is enabled and it will automatically set the IP to the VPN one.

Windscribe has a limited data plan per month, make sure to disable it while not playing Zero Hour.

I get «Failed to join – the game is a different version» error!

Make sure you’re running Zero Hour on version 1.04 and have no mods installed. If that doesn’t work, it is likely your game is running a cracked binary. To fix this, download and install GenPatcher (download). Run GenPatcher as Administrator, and then click “Apply fixes”.

I get «Your serial is already in use» error!

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